Monday, 31 August 2015

free choice writing

Once upona time there was a little Boy called Tom and his dream was to get a death snakewhaaaat a death snake what. How could he savive ten secends with snake. woo what everrr. how do ou know lets go to the pet shop. rock the shop lets go. We scamped along into the car. woooow am i really going death snake. ohh yes ou are. Yeeaaaa. Boo yea. Death snake here I come. A snake. Tom says hi is this a snake or a death snake. Shop owner says oh me. I forgot umm it's a death snake. Oh oh mum mum can I have it, please. Ok. Mum says. Yes yes in your face. I whispered to his self. 

                                                                                The end
P.s who would want a death snake 

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